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Observation Dex 6/18

Observation Dex 6/18 published on 7 Comments on Observation Dex 6/18

D10: My husband is still as wonderful, thoughtful, generous, witty, and kind as ever . . .

. . . and he’s recovered. At least, as much as the doctors think he’s going to.

He’s not getting depth perception back, but he’s learned to adjust . . . Well, he’ll never do surgery again, but he hardly ever bumps into things around the home anymore.

Del: And the fugue states . . . ?

D10: If he was still having those, do you think I’d be here?

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…Khyrin, there was never any evidence that Kudzu is married, right?

Umm… Not that I know of? However, “I’m so stupid. Could be worse, though, right…? At least this one’s not married.

But that would be twisted, right? D10 being Kale/Kudzu’s handler if Kudzu took his husband’s eyes.

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