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Performance Review 17/18

Performance Review 17/18 published on 4 Comments on Performance Review 17/18

Thorn: Are you telling me Mom was lying? That for all those years, she was doing . . . something else? Because I kinda promised some people she wasn’t a pirate.

Tansy: It’s not that! All her schemes were legal . . . as far as I know

They were just bad. And her judgment was worse, so she was always confident they would work out.


A couple did actually go well, but then she wouldn’t stick with it. She’d get distracted by some newer, shinier idea and take off after that instead.

Did you seriously never look back and notice that she never actually delivered on her promises?


I know you were a kid when she died, but —


— okay, let me put this on silent so it stops interrupting our tender family moment.


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