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Remodeling 5/5

Remodeling 5/5 published on 9 Comments on Remodeling 5/5

Hyacinth doesn’t ID as nonbinary — she’s still a girl — her gender just comes with this meme attached.

I guess

Hazel: So, um, do you still want me to call you a girl? I don’t think you ever said it. I just assumed.

Hyacinth: Yeah, it’s fine. I mean . . . I don’t connect a lot with gender stuff. We’ve just talked about at least five other things that are a bigger deal in my life, you know?

But I’ve seen what it’s like for someone to hate being a girl. And I don’t have that. So, sure, I’m a girl.

Hazel (thinking): Hyacinth is so cool about everything . . . I love —

Hazel: — Oh! You bought the skull!

Hyacinth: Uh-huh! For you, if you want it.

If our parents can support us doing things that remodel our actual bones . . . then yours can cope with you keeping around a few critter bones for decoration.

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Oh same. My gender is “vague hand gesture”

My gender is also “I guess.”
In fact, I recently discovered that “gendervague” is a word people use to mean “nonbinaryness/gender apathy that comes from being neuroatypical”, and I think it fits me.

Even some cis people are mostly cis because they just don’t care that hard about their gender. I’ve met someone who basically says she’s cis because she’s lazy. “Everyone calls me a girl and I don’t mind and trying to go non-binary sounds like so much more work…”

I wouldn’t call it laziness — she probably spends plenty of time and energy on other things, right? She just doesn’t do it here because it’s not enough of a big deal to be worth the effort.

Honestly, I think a ton of cis people have that same basic feeling. It’s just harder to articulate if you don’t spend much time in “spaces where people talk about trans issues a lot.”

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