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Saturday Sketchbook: Central Defender Gems

Saturday Sketchbook: Central Defender Gems published on 2 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Central Defender Gems

Redesigns and updates from the Leif & Thorn Gem AU. I gave all the knights color-tinted uniforms, and moved some gems to non-chest positions.Delphinium is a Bloodstone. Pascentia is a shortish Lithium Quartz. Peach is a Peach Quartz.

Juniper is a Green Ruby (still not good gemology, I know). Violet is an Amethyst, Thorn is a Sapphire, Rowan is a Carnelian, and Birch is a Blue Quartz.

Marula is an off-color (skinny) Rutile Quartz. The Woman in Black is…what gem is that, again? Is there a gem there? I can’t remember. Moss is – or was – an off-color Moss Agate.

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