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Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart III-IV

Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart III-IV published on 1 Comment on Saturday Sketchbook: Height Chart III-IV

We finally have enough characters to do another showcase of body types! (Here’s the first set, from 2016.)

As usual, this is just a reference for heights and builds. Things like scars/markings might be different in-strip.

The ladies: on Deviantart | on Tumblr
The gents: on Deviantart | on Tumblr

Pascentia: Lithe femme knight of the realm. Has albinism; the rest of her family is dark-skinned.
Peach: Older knight of the realm, semi-retired. Definitely has more scars than shown.
Geranium: Tiny, getting up there in years, can still knock her students to the floor if they get cocky.
Annie: Miner, wife of Birch. One of the group trapped in a cave for months with limited rations, so everyone is relieved she’s back to her normal weight.
Blush Noisette: Long-runner, reincarnated cross-racially.
Rosie: One of Rowan’s equally-hot siblings. Identical twins with her brother Rhodey.
Angelica: Glamorous goth-lolita fashionista.
Hazel: Non-glamorous dapper-goth writer. Keeps glasses on a chain so she won’t lose them.
????????: A woman, probably? With a height. And a skin tone.

Elisa: Petite colleague of Leif’s. Adorable large teeth, rarely goes barefoot.
Róta: Tall wiry Embassy guard. Same ethnicity as Katya.
Gerölul: Small muscle-pixie Embassy guard. Built like gymnast/weightlifter Samantha Wright. Throat scar.
Brynhildr: Big huggable butch Embassy guard. Cheek/ear scar.

Gil – Petite panicky miner. Back to his normal weight after spending months trapped in a cave with limited rations.
Bramble – Magical man. Also back to his pre-cave build, which is basically a walking fridge of muscle.
Mata & Pato – Itty-bitty engineers. So tiny you can’t even really see the details, but Mata is shorter and pointier, Pato is taller and more square.
Kale – Sarcastic translator. Average height/build — about the same as Leif, in fact.
Quince – Tall, skinny, muscular knight of the realm. Built for speed.
Rhodey – One of Rowan’s siblings. Identical twins with his sister Rosie.
Bennet – Square-jawed and square-shouldered reporter. His job involves a lot of sitting around.
Archie – Heavyset writer. Similar job situation.
Ebony – Femme magical man. Ivy inherited his freckles.
Vine – Grunge-goth student. Standing much taller & more confident post-top-surgery.
Cedar – Cute young singer/actor. Only wears the glasses offstage.
Ludolf – Leif’s manager. Skin has a bit of an unhealthy pallor, but he’s a silver fox otherwise.

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