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Saturday Sketchbook: Vivianite

Saturday Sketchbook: Vivianite published on 9 Comments on Saturday Sketchbook: Vivianite

A magical moment in the Gem AU.

Ivy (Lapis Lazuli) loves fusing, and thinks Holly is one of her bestest friends. Holly (Green Star Diopside) is grudgingly aware that some fights can’t be won alone.

Together they make Vivianite, basically an unstable four-legged Precure, who holds up just long enough to get the job done.

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Unrelated to the current page, but I was catching up on the backlog and saw the involvement of long runners and time travelers on the same page…
If you die while time traveling to before your birth, can you reincarnate or even long-run as yourself?

Well, that would be a great setup for a messy timeline-shredding nightmare paradox.

I’m not sure whether it would be automatically prevented by the laws of magiphysics, or whether it’s something that has to be actively guarded against.

Generally, only comforting part of timeline paradoxes is that the timeline must be protected more than it seems because it wasn’t shredded yet.

I don’t believe any universe where active effort on part of time travelers is necessary for survival of timeline can survive. There must be SOME mechanism to fix the paradoxes, possibly in way dangerous to time travelers but leaving the world in “safe” state. “We are lucky and it didn’t happened yet” is not argument when time travel is involved.

I think hkmaly is speaking in general terms.
For instance, if universe-shredding time travel paradoxes were possible in our universe, then our universe would be shredded – because people. Since it isn’t shredded, those sorts of paradoxes aren’t possible in our universe.
I take your point about time-travelers being part of the mechanism needed to iron out paradox problems. That works well enough in stories, but not so much IRL, IMO. Because People.
You may notice I don’t have much faith in people…
(Actually, I do, in general, but it only takes one person to ruin a reality.)
In a universe in which some person who can access an AR-15 will use it to slaughter innocent people, it doesn’t take much to extrapolate that behavior to time-machines,,,

The key point here is that once innocent people have been murdered with an AR-15, nothing will bring them back. The only way to address the issue is to keep those murders from happening in the first place.

I’m leaving open the possibility that, under the rules of this universe, a shredded timeline could be retroactively un-shredded.

My own time travel theories: Of course a long runner reincarnates as themselves. Who else would they be? As for if a long runner reincarnates as someone who they have lived as before, that would mean older long runner shared a body with their younger self. Which therefore means a long runner can “share” a body with someone else in it. Which would lead to even more long runner hate 🙁 Because pleasant implications that is not.
Much more likely is you reincarnate in the past as someone who seems eerily similar that as a long runner you are totally confused by because you don’t remember being them, they remember being you (OoOoOo) [I have actually read a book with this plot, but I won’t tell you which one, because the time travel is supposed to be a surprise]

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