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Slow News Day: Election Results

Slow News Day: Election Results published on 9 Comments on Slow News Day: Election Results

We saw an Olive Romarin campaign ad last May, then heard some public opinions in October. And now, the thrilling conclusion.


Bennet: It’s the last day of Election Week, and 95% of the votes are counted . . .

but I refuse to call it until we’re absolutely sure Berry Genêtson can’t win.

Thorn: The election is over! Olive Romarin is re-elected our president.

Leif: Is that . . . okay?

Thorn: Yes! Of course, as a knight of the realm, I faithfully serve any president. And I cannot say to you who I voted. But my lady president has many tens of years of experience. She defends the rights of . . .

Of, uh, minorities . . .

. . . the people like me. It is okay to have more of her.

Leif: But I heard she wants to start a war with Sønheim, has a deathly illness that she’s hiding with illusion spells, once murdered a puppy, and runs a secret smuggling ring out of her favorite ice cream place.

Thorn: . . .

None of that is true, and half of it was made up by your government.

Leif: My government?! Never.


Wait, does Ceannis make it illegal to share your vote for some reason?

Might have something to do with Thorn’s status as a government employee.

Exactly what I was thinking… and I could have sworn I already commented this.

In the US, the secrecy of the ballot is absolute. In New York State, it’s illegal to show ANYONE your completed ballot, but you are allowed to tell someone how you voted, allowing for exit polls.

In the the UK, you are not allowed to ‘spoil the result’. that is, government employees are not allowed to release counts to the public until the polls close. This is problematic, as electees watch over the actual counts in person, including the mail-in ballots. A member of parliament was in hot water in 2010 when she tweeted the ‘sample’ of mail-in votes for which she had overseen the count.

Jeez, Leif! Obviously the smuggling ring would be run out of her favorite pie place; don’t you know anything?

Nah, even the most diehard conspiracy theorists wouldn’t buy the idea of Olive Romarin going to a pie shop for some other reason than getting pie.

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