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Slow News Day: Election Results

Slow News Day: Election Results published on 8 Comments on Slow News Day: Election Results

We saw an Olive Romarin campaign ad last May, then heard some public opinions in October. And now, the thrilling conclusion.


Bennet: It’s the last day of Election Week, and 95% of the votes are counted . . .

but I refuse to call it until we’re absolutely sure Berry Genêtson can’t win.

Thorn: The election is over! Olive Romarin is re-elected our president.

Leif: Is that . . . okay?

Thorn: Yes! Of course, as a knight of the realm, I faithfully serve any president. And I cannot say to you who I voted. But my lady president has many tens of years of experience. She defends the rights of . . .

Of, uh, minorities . . .

. . . the people like me. It is okay to have more of her.

Leif: But I heard she wants to start a war with Sønheim, has a deathly illness that she’s hiding with illusion spells, once murdered a puppy, and runs a secret smuggling ring out of her favorite ice cream place.

Thorn: . . .

None of that is true, and half of it was made up by your government.

Leif: My government?! Never.


Jeez, Leif! Obviously the smuggling ring would be run out of her favorite pie place; don’t you know anything?

Nah, even the most diehard conspiracy theorists wouldn’t buy the idea of Olive Romarin going to a pie shop for some other reason than getting pie.

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