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Slow News Day: Summerfest

Slow News Day: Summerfest published on 7 Comments on Slow News Day: Summerfest

Bennet: I asked the folks on the street to let us know their favorite parts of Summerfest! This is serious journalism and not an excuse to hang out in flowers all day.

Ebony Muscade
Mage, State Department
Nature mages get lots of side jobs.

Ivy Muscade
Teen Prodigy
I get to spend the whole day with my daddy!

Birch Persil
Order of the Chalice
The games.

Annie Persil
Famous Disaster Survivor
When they don’t break, anyway.

Ralph Magnusson
Manager, Moose Grill
Like? Nothing. Even the local Sønheim expats spend the day trying out traditional Ceannic food. We get no business at all!

Pascentia Zikos
Order of the Chalice
The heartsword ballet! I’m the choreographer this year, and of course the lead dancer as well.

Delphinium ???
Humble Flower Dealer
Everyone buying our fine line of products, darling.

Jasmine Menthe
Emergency Medical Tech
Getting through the day with no major medical crises.

Gil Dumas
Miner (Not Minor)

Peach Pescher-Argyros
Order of the Chalice (Semi-Retired)
The music!

Bennet: WHAT?

Peach: I said I love the music!

Bennet: SPEAK UP!

Peach: I SAID —

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i literally gasped when i saw the name “jasmine menthe” bc that’s (almost exactly) what i decided my name would be if i was ceannic. jessica–>jessamine and (old germanic word for spearholder)–>spearmint–>menthe.

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