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Something’s Cooking 15/29

Something’s Cooking 15/29 published on 11 Comments on Something’s Cooking 15/29

Elisa (imaginary): Wow, I sure get why you haven’t been renting Leif for sex now!

Elisa (thinking): . . . okay, sometimes I have more enthusiasm than tact, but even I know better than to go there out loud.

Thorn: With some food we cook it on . . . a long thing with a point? . . . Anyway, these cook on a tray.

Thorn (thinking): Leif would’ve helped me figure out the word for “skewer” there . . .

Tiernan: Mrrr!

Thorn: Tiernan? Is something wrong?

Ooh. That has fire spirits in it.

Elisa: I can’t wait to get home, where we only have normal devastating storms.

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So wait, does that mean a firestorm?

I think so… Now, that leaves the questions:
1: Does that just mean it stinks of burning and ash falls from the sky, or does it actually rain fire?
2: How badly is this going to interfere with Thorn’s wellbeing?

I should note that a firestorm isn’t ‘stinks of burning and ash falling’ or raining fire. I only know this because of my own curiosity, but- well, I’ll put in a link, but think like a tornado on fire or something like that. Here’s a link, if you want to read up:

Nature is terrifying, but also so, so fascinating.

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