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Summer Sunshine 11/84

Summer Sunshine 11/84 published on 7 Comments on Summer Sunshine 11/84

Kale: It was skittering around under the drape, there.

Thorn: Order of the Chalice. Can I take a look?

. . .

Kale: Can you see it?

Thorn: Not yet!

Kale: Then forget it.

Thorn: No, maybe it’s hiding. I can try to scare it out —

Kale: If you can’t see it, it’s not there.

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Is… is this Kale’s thing? Does he see stuff that’s maybe not there? Or is it more like a seeing stuff that is there but other people can’t see? I’ve heard of people who see stuff that’s not there, and it seems real enough that it might actually exist even if it isn’t something that should exist, so getting someone to check seems like a good idea, especially if they understand you need help with this sorta stuff.

Though with the existence of spirits and the like in this world, I have to wonder who’s the one who’s seeing things here. Is it just that Thorn can’t see the thing that looks like it might be a fire spirity thing, or is it Kale who’s imagining stuff that might not be there? Ooor I could be thinking too hard about this OH WELL

When I first read the last two panels, I thought that this might have been some sort of test for Thorn to see if he had an ability to see what others can’t. Upon another inspection though, I think you are right that Kale might just be having visual hallucinations. He looks very upset that Thorn can’t see it and he is very adamant that it is isn’t there because of that…. Plus he said a couple of pages ago that it “could be nothing.”

…Now I’m wondering about Kale’s sunglasses and whether they are they made of some special material that is supposed to help filter out what isn’t. Not some magic cure all, just an aid. Another thing that suddenly bugs me is Kale’s long sleeves during a SUMMER festival. Speaking from experience that can mean he either: 1)is trying to hide his arms for one reason or another or 2) he feels safer/more comfortable when his torso is fully covered.

Speaking as a guy who’s wearing woodland camo in the middle of the Mojave desert, trust me when I say that long sleeves/pants don’t mean shit when it comes to heat.

As for what is/isn’t there, I think it’s safe to say that Kale probably suffers from a condition that includes audiovisual hallucinations. Meaning his animal is probably made to help him see reality through what isn’t.

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