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Summer Sunshine 12/84

Summer Sunshine 12/84 published on 3 Comments on Summer Sunshine 12/84

Thorn: Can you guess which way it might have —

Kale: It wasn’t real, okay?

I can see it there now. If you can’t, that means it’s a hallucination. Sorry I interrupted your day for it.

Thorn: Hang on! You’re hallucinating? Are you sick? Let me call someone for you. Or we can walk you home —

Kale: It’s fine! This is normal. You can go.

Thorn: I met you in a soulbond therapist waiting room. Neither of us is “fine” or “normal.”

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Panel three is one of the many reasons why I love this comic! Saying you are having a hallucination in the real world usually results in panic, people thinking you are dangerous, making you go to the hospital, etc….but here Thorn treats it like any other illness. He doesn’t judge Kale or anything like that, he just sees someone who isn’t feeling well and may need help.

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