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Summer Sunshine 1/84

Summer Sunshine 1/84 published on 7 Comments on Summer Sunshine 1/84

Flowing right on from the last story into the next….


Thorn: All the mounts have to be stabled, so there’s room for all the people. See you tonight, Caiomhe! Don’t trample anything I wouldn’t trample.

The screens will show video from past Summerfests until a performance is started.

Leif: Ooh!

Your fireworks are so pretty.

Thorn: Just wait and see what new things will explode tonight.


Page 1 of 84!? Oh boy, a long one!

The longest yet!

Originally the shopping trip was going to be bundled in with Summerfest proper, but then I realized (a) that would get to ridiculous lengths and (b) I wasn’t going to have the ending of Summerfest nailed down until after at least a few of the shopping strips were published.

So I split them up, to give myself enough of a cushion that none of the strips would have numbers like “1/???”

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