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Summer Sunshine 24/84

Summer Sunshine 24/84 published on 5 Comments on Summer Sunshine 24/84

Thorn: It’s a little embarrassing . . . my mother is a very good singer.

Leif: Oh? You don’t say. Eheh.

Thorn: But I did not, ah . . . get from the parents . . .

Leif: “Inherit.”

Thorn: Yes! I did not inherit any —

Leif: Stop!

They have fire spirits in there. Doing special effects, I guess. Is that going to give you flashbacks?

Thorn: Oh . . . !

Thorn (thinking): Oh, gosh. He thinks about this — and he’s worried for me, not about me — he’s so sweet —

Thorn: No. Not today. I’m in the good, um, good place of the mind. But . . . thank you.


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