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Summer Sunshine 40/84

Summer Sunshine 40/84 published on 9 Comments on Summer Sunshine 40/84

For those of you keeping score, this is the first time present!Thorn hasn’t switched back to the Ceannic font while thinking.


Leif: Of course you’re worth more than I am. You’re a knight, and I —

Thorn: Leif, wait —

Thorn (thinking): Who hurt you? Who made you scared like this?

Thorn: I wasn’t trying to . . . to “pull the rank,” or make you scared, or, or deferential. I don’t want you to be sorry. It is just . . .

I need to know that you see me as . . . as a citizen, not only a “foreigner.” That I can be — important. To you. And not only because of the important that I am as a knight.

Leif: . . . Yes. You’re important. To me.

You really don’t like it when I call you “sir.” You like when I say your name.

Thorn: I really do.

Leif: Well, what exactly is your name? Because you pronounce it “Thån”, but everywhere on the net had it spelled as “Thorrrrn.”

Thorn: It’s “Thorrrrn.” I say it with a little Iudska accent. But it’s not a very Iudska name. You can . . . pronounce . . . the R.

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Are “person” and “citizen” the same word in Sonheic, or does Thorn just not know a better word for what (I presume) he means?

Hehe, it’s like how in my county, people with a strong local accent say wash, like “worsh”. (Our teacher from Georgia speaks funny – to us – and every time someone tells him as much he says that he sounds normal and we’re the ones who speak funny, so apparently it’s not just the older long term residents,)

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