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Summer Sunshine 43/84

Summer Sunshine 43/84 published on 5 Comments on Summer Sunshine 43/84

Okay, Thorn, now you’re doing this on purpose.


Leif: All the concerts are sold out . . . The fireworks don’t start for an hour . . .

Thorn: There’s a dance in the square.

Leif: Would I need to know any moves?

Thorn: Um . . . Everyone else will. I can teach?

Leif: What’s a “heartsword ballet”? Is this translated wrong?

Thorn: No, it’s real! It’s a kind of dance performance by people with heartswords. It’s very pretty.

Leif: But you can show me sword tricks any time, right?

Thorn: For you? I can show the best sword tricks.

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I wanna paraphrase that scene from Doctor Horrible where Captain Hammer explains exactly what the hammer is, but I’m thinking that might be a pushing the generally pg-13 rating a bit.

Although it seems like pg-13 gets away with a lot more than I’d expect it to, sometimes.

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