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Summer Sunshine 46/84

Summer Sunshine 46/84 published on 3 Comments on Summer Sunshine 46/84

Thorn: Leif . . . Since we aren’t in a hurrying right now . . . can we talk about a thing that is . . .

. . . personal?

Leif: Are you being transferred?

Thorn: What?

Leif: Is Ceannis moving you to a new —

Thorn: Oh, “transferred”! No.

Leif: Are you sick? What is it? How long do you have??

Thorn: It’s nothing like that! I’m not dying. Nothing is wrong. I . . .

I don’t want to only talk about personal things when I have PTSD and have to explain why. For once, I want to tell you things at a time that I choose.

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