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Summer Sunshine 5/84

Summer Sunshine 5/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 5/84

Leif settled on a gardenia, which means “a secret love.” Thorn has a gladiolus, aka sword lily, which means either “well-armed” or “infatuated.”

The Woman in Black is wearing a forget-me-not, which means exactly what it sounds like.


Thorn (thinking): Now I have to run my own scan to see if Leif’s bugged . . . And since I’ll be scanning anyway, we may as well buy from the spies.

Thorn: Ready for something on a stick?

Leif: Yes!

Thorn (thinking): And we’re clear.

Del: Did you always speak Sønheic? Do you have some particular interest in one of those boys?

WiB: You have NO idea.

Del: I would if you told me the juicy details.

WiB: That starts to get boring around the tenth time.

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