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Summer Sunshine 67/84

Summer Sunshine 67/84 published on 4 Comments on Summer Sunshine 67/84

Leif: Sorry I ruined our flowers . . .

Thorn: Don’t think of it! They’re usually done by this point at the night.

Give me the petals. I’ll let them go. We let the river take them.

Thorn: Leif . . . Don’t think too much of this either, it’s only a question . . .

How much do you cost?

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So Thorn is at least above an O-3, right? That’s the only way his ass is affording Leif.

What is an O-3?

military payscales. E for enlisted, O for officer. E-1 is bottom of the payscale, O-1 is bottom of the officer payscale. Officers get more than enlisted, obviously. O-3 means captain-level, I think – not having been in the military, though, this is purely through reading books and listening to people who have been talk. That’s the basic idea, though – different militaries have different details for identifying it, though.

He’s the leader of a team AND killed the dragon. He’s probably pretty high up. Even if he’s not, I would expect the dragon killing to have some kind of reward. And it doesn’t look like Thorn lives extravagantly, either, so it’s possible he has the money stashed somewhere.

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