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Sword Dancers 17/23

Sword Dancers 17/23 published on 15 Comments on Sword Dancers 17/23

Katya: I have fresh clean cups and cold water.

Leif: Good timing!

They’re all at the archery range now.

Katya: I hope our fighting Valkyries have put up a good show so far.

Leif: Yes! Do you want a chance to watch?

Leif (signing): I think I got Thorn in trouble during the sword fighting. I spilled something — he was so beautiful, I got distracted — then, while I was getting yelled at, that was when he lost his footing.

And their last competition will be wrestling. I don’t think I can take it. Will you swap with me?

Katya (signing): Can do.

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Well, someone’s about to get in trouble. So what’s the normal punishment for servants that disobey orders?

Is it really disobeying orders? The servant is only there to provide refreshments, and we don’t know if Leif volunteered or was (forcibly) volunteered. All we know is that there’s meant to be a servant providing drinks. If Katya covers for him with something like, “there was a situation in the gardens that only he could handle”, or some other believable thing, then they might get off easy.

Also, if the way he got involved was “would you like to serve drinks at this event” and he said yes, then he could just as easily say “Katya was interested as well and offered to help” or “I had to go to the bathroom and Katya offered to cover for me while I went” or something like that.

Did he disobey an order? Was HE specifically ordered to be there, or just got assigned? After all, if he wasn’t specifically called for, then what should be the problem? That the drink stand wasn’t manned?

Of course, if they really want to get him in trouble all they need to do is lie.

The whole point of this exercise was to get into Thorn’s head and see just how his love for Leif affects him. If there’s no Leif, then there’s no way to measure this. If Leif leaves his post, and form what I’m seeing Sonheim doesn’t have such a thing as “rights”, then Leif is not going to get out of just walking away from this scot-free.

Yes, they are obviously trying to gauge how much influence Leif has on Thorn, so even if they didn’t specifically order him to serve at the event, they can always find or create another reason to punish him if he swaps duties, if they really want to.

I know it’s probably Olympic, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed for professional.

I mean… professional wrestling is still a strenuous activity.

Queue the standard “it’s not fake, it’s predetermined” here.

Seriously, though… they’re still smashing each other with chairs and all… and if you see someone bleeding? it’s not always stage blood…

Putting in a real comment: crowns to crullers Leif is still gonna watch from a window while trimming a hedge or pruning a tree or something.

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