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The AU That’s Got Religion 4

The AU That’s Got Religion 4 published on 6 Comments on The AU That’s Got Religion 4

Me on panel 1: Okay, obviously Thorn’s clothes won’t stand up to a winter in the mountains, so he’ll have to be wearing a sweater that he picked up locally.

Me on panel 5: what idiot thought it was a great idea to make me draw so many Dómari-damned zigzags??

Thorn: . . . and the other one says, “oy! For this, we took the umbrella?”

Leif: Ohh! I get it!

I shouldn’t keep you up much longer . . . it’s getting late.

Thorn: It is? We get two hours of light a day, and you can tell?

Leif: Can’t you? You’ve been here for three months!

Thorn: The clock says you’re right, but I never would have guessed. Leif . . .

You know that I’m here as a scholar. so if I ask questions of a personal nature, this is entirely out of a scholarly interest. May I ask one of these before you go?

Leif: O-okay.

Thorn: I’ve heard that the devotees in your order have to take . . . a vow of celibacy. Is this true?

Leif: . . .

This is entirely out of a scholarly interest?

Thorn: I would prefer that you answer my question first.

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