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The Perennials 13/16

The Perennials 13/16 published on 8 Comments on The Perennials 13/16

Receptionist: Welcome! Have you been registered here before, either under a previous name or the name you’re using now?

Blush: N-no. It’s my first time . . . back.

Receptionist: Well, ma’am, you’re in luck — there’s an opening for a first-timer consult in ten minutes. Help you sort through our services for job placement, history class, legal advice, and more. Let me just take your info . . .

. . . and you can go on in!

Blush: Much obliged! And thank you for everything, Violet!

Violet: That was fast.

Receptionist: Well, you know, us entitled perennials can’t stand to be kept waiting.

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