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The Perennials 5/16

The Perennials 5/16 published on 11 Comments on The Perennials 5/16


Blush: . . . oh dear. Did the meaning of “black seed tea” change in the last fifty years, or is this place a scam?

Violet: Let’s try swapping drinks.

Blush: What’s the one you got?

Violet: Sugar Blasted Strawberry Fizz Pop.

Blush: Sounds dreadful.

Violet: Can’t hurt to give it a try.

Thought so. You remember having all adult tastes, but you got little-kid taste buds.

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I wonder if this means Long-runners tend towards sweets,?

That is to say, the enjoyment of sweet is fairly steady throughout one’s lifespan, whereas bitter flavors are supposedly harder to take with a young person’s greater number of taste receptors.

I seem to remember Ezri having a similar problem re; her personal tastes after having the Dax symbiote implanted in her during DS9. Gets a bit hard to differentiate between your past life’s/lives’ tastes and your own if you have no training/experience.

I’d say training would have insufficient impact in this area. Apparently, the makers of DS9 agreed, as Ezri had plenty of training before she took the Dax symbiote.

@Khyrin: the enjoyment of sweet has definitely not been fairly steady throughout my life. When I was a kid, I’d eat fluff sandwiches, and sometimes I’d include honey as well. I’d put 2-3 tablespoons (not teaspoons) of sugar on my fruit loops. Now the thought of a fluff sandwich makes me a bit queasy and fruit loops by themselves are a bit too sugary for me.

For those unfamiliar with the product, fluff is one particular brand of marshmallow creme, which is traditionally made of corn syrup, sugar syrup, vanilla, and egg whites. As that’s basically one possible set of marshmallow ingredients, I suspect you could have viable vegan recipes also. But even the thought of vegan fluff makes me feel queasy.

Really? If I remember correctly Ezri had zero training before joining with Dax. The only reason she was chosen was because she was the only non-bonded trill on board and Dax would have died otherwise.

You recall correctly! I just finished a rewatch of DS9. Ezri got the Dax symbiont by accident. Jadzia had few of the integration problems, except for the previous host that was all murdery.

Dukat mortally wounded Jadzia, and they put Jadzia on the USS Destiny, but they had to do the transplant en-route to Trill. Ezri had never even put her name in for the symbiosis commission, as I recall. They had to do an emergency joining, and Ezri wound up bonded permanently to Dax and couldn’t be separated without killing her.

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