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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 10/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 10/44 published on 17 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 10/44

Leachtric: If I sabotage myself, it won’t make Ceannis any better . . . it’ll just hold me back from doing everything I can to help. I have to wholeheartedly throw myself into this.

[swelling chords]
[dramatic curtain]

[dead silence]

. . . Or I could drop it cold and never speak of it again.

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How is she gonna keep this under wraps, I wonder.

I imagine it wouldn’t be difficult if she does her due diligence on NOT PULLING THE HEARTSWORD WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE. That rose-petal handguard must be iconic.

on the other hand, IIRC, the culture as it stands is such that a reincarnation of Rhódon is automatically placed on the throne, and the current king seems to be giving Fuhrer King Bradley a run for his money. Draw that heartsword in front of someone loyal to the country, rather than the king and they’ll likely take a knee and ask for orders.

Now to be fair, from what we’ve seen at least the Amestrian military could carry out multiple border conflicts AND still remain functional after a major coup. I get the sense these idiots in Ceannis more stumbled into their conflicts like a bunch of blind idiots.

I know it’s been nine years since the latest incarnation wrapped up, but just in case: SPOILERS FOR FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST.

That’s almost exactly my point. King Bradley was part of a COMPETENT centuries-old conspiracy doing exactly what they intended, and were so efficient at culling unrest and rebellion that the rogue elements had to wait until the day BEFORE the plan came to its climax to act, and even then failed to actually KILL him.

The Ceannic king, on the other hand, is going to lose the people badly enough for Leachtric to start a revolution, instead of a coup.

Yeah, but the original explanation about Leachtric mentions her keeping it under wraps for years before stepping up. I’m wondering how she does.

My guess? I doubt she’ll be able to keep it secret as part of the Chalice, but maybe she could shift to another Order? There are likely key personnel she’ll need sway to get out of revealing her Heartsword to everyone. Show it to the right people and she could prolly convince them to falsify/hide her identity as Rhódon.

When things go pear-shaped, though… The Call to Adventure will be hand-delivered by those same soldiers.

Dang, probably first time in history someone DIDN’T want a meritorious promotion.

You would be surprised.

I have a couple of aspects to this to reply to. The first is to question exactly what is meant by meritorious. I have personally been selected for a promotion based on my being the best person on my team at the job we do. I turned it down because while I did not deny that I was the best at what the team as a whole does, the promotion was to the team lead, which involves a lot of paperwork – which is one of my key weaknesses. There are other aspects of it than that, but basically, the merits they used to pick who to promote did not take into account the responsibilities of the new role, so they weren’t the right merits to measure.

Second, (or is this still the first one), just because someone is reincarnated from the best leader the country is aware of having does not mean that one has had the training within the current lifetime to be able to perform that role.

Third, I’ve known of quite a few people who were chosen on their merits for a promotion, but turned it down either due to family obligations (such as the promotion required them to move, while they had high school students at home who fit in at their current school. Relocating while you have friends at school is always hard, but high school puts it into sharp relief. Or taking care of an elderly parent who doesn’t want to move), the particular assignment (we’d like to promote you to managing an office which is entirely staffed by people who are racist against your race, and sexist against your sex. Oh, and they’re a bunch of homophobes and transphobes, and you’re a homosexual non-binary who works in an accepting enough office that you came out to them and they accepted you), or even just not the right time (like the guy who was offered a promotion to management the day after he was accepted into an MBA program. Um, sorry, I’d like to understand more about how to do the job before I start it…)

I apologize if the second parenthetical example contains a triggering word. I used this word because it’s the concept that the assholes who turned that example promotion into an effective demotion would’ve focused on. I don’t know how to discuss things we would prefer to never happen without mentioning things we would prefer to never happen.

Interesting that her jacket is un-opened. Or is it a special jacket that allows for heartsword-grabbing without having to open the jacket?

Well, first, the jacket is open — that’s how you can see her black shirt underneath…

Second, all heartswords can be drawn through clothing without damaging the fabric. Otherwise this strip would have a lot more “dramatically pulling off your shirt” scenes…

And third, this is a stage musical, so what she’s actually doing is grabbing a fancy prop out of a special hiding place in the scenery. The dramatic curtain is there to make the illusion less obvious.

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