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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 11/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 11/44 published on 10 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 11/44

Del: There’s a lovely symmetry in this next scene.

Leachtric’s feelings about drawing a famous sword were eventually used by Artemisia to develop guidelines for these situations in the future.

Those guidelines were still in use when Artemisia herself was reincarnated as Artie Carver.

Captain Carver was interviewed about the situation and their feelings as research for the musical . . .

. . . and Lynwood Merdhuile uses it as inspiration for how she plays Leachtric.

WiB: Huh . . . it’s almost like they’re in a stable time loop.

Del: Curious analogy . . . but I suppose you’re not wrong.

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Very lovely symmetry indeed! I like how the swords + notepad all look to be at the same angle.

Also, Erin, how do you want to deal with double ups on the wiki? I’m assuming you’d like Rhódon, Artemisia, Telga, etc on the Historical characters page, and for most they either aren’t on the wiki yet or fit better under historical so that’s simple, but at least Rhódon [and Queen Szélanya now I look] work well on Myths and Legends as their legendary version is distinct from their historical version.
Keep both?
More redirects “see [name] on [page]”?

Could be both.

WiB has (albeit in a joking context) Described herself as Leif and Thorn’s time-traveling daughter hiding from future aliens, among other things. While she COULD be lying through her teeth, she DOES have interest in Leif and/or Thorn on a more personal level. (Del: “Do you have some particular interest in one of those boys?” WiB: “You have NO idea.” ) and frankly, once the means have been discovered , it works in any time period, assuming you can get the materials together to build another Time Cannon or whatever.

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