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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 14/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 14/44 published on 13 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 14/44

Speaking of water problems . . .

An award-winning effects team worked together to create an on-stage hurricane. Blowing curtains suggest high wind. Projected light on the walls mimics the look of pouring rain.

Out of sight, the pumps have their simplest job of the night: “making general water noises.”

More patterns of light turn the floorboards into the surface of a floodwater canal. The actors playing a military rescue crew ride in a prop boat that actually floats.

Also, they all get raincoats.

Flagbearer: Sir, you’re going to fall if you keep standing like that . . .

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What flag is that? Blue diamond? Doesn’t look like any of country flags

A blue diamond means a relief or Aid group. Diamonds are high capacity, easy to pack with spells, and blue is soothing.

We’ve seen that specific Blue Diamond logo before, on the side of the med wagon from An Incredibly Platonic Storyline

… is this heading to the actors having to deal with real “monster” and audience not being aware?

My bet’s on Thorn swinging in when he figures it out.

We already know from extra-site sources that whatever happens, Thorn will be calling in a favor from Kale.

I mean, I didn’t know that.

Well, I guess now we know who doesn’t read the art descriptions =)

(Kale is the one who’s going to ask for a favor — it was mentioned in the Saturday Sketchbook on May 5, right before Act I started.)

I sort of forget that not everyone here reads the Tumblr as frequently as I do. Our Esteemed Author Erin posted a “What if” Synopsis. If Thorn had followed his mage talent instead of swordery, the events mostly would have turned out the same, up to this point (national service as a Mage, rather than a Heartsword, but he still fights the dragon and survives.) I misremembered, though. Kale asks Thorn a favor at the theatre.

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