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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 20/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 20/44 published on 11 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 20/44

Violet (thinking): I remember Rowan complaining about this scene . . . Literally the only gripe he had about Leachtric.

Rowan (flashback): Telga didn’t have her final magical-girl costume that year! She only leveled up after the flood!

Violet: What do the twins say about it?

Rosie: Her outfit’s full of SFX tech. We can’t afford to double up on that!

Rhodey: Even if we could, she’s not offstage for long. If she tried to do a quick-change, stuff would break!

Violet (present, thinking): That also might be literally the only time I’ve taken the twins’ side against Rowan.

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Good God, this guy can complain about anything can’t he.

It’s the perils of being well-read. if you notice something isn’t right when it concerns a specialist subject, you’re more likely to complain than if you had no idea. to quote Corporal Nicholson from Schlock Mercenary, on the subject of a movie’s use of police-issue weapons with custom parts. “They can’t make up rules about custom pistols because i already know those rules. Wait… are you saying they made up all that stuff about the ghosts?”

Tangentally related: Can a Magical Girl intentionally ‘downgrade’ their outfit, so to speak, to look weaker than they actually are, or is their Magical Form something they have no control over?

What’d her outfit look like before?

Short collar instead of long cape, elbow gloves and knee boots, not so many pretty pink gems, probably a bow or two.

Maybe instead of changing the costume completely they should’ve tried some quick modifications like exchanging the collar with cape and un-hiding some gems.

Oh – the color scheme would have been a bit different too.

They do wrap her in a cloak and take off the gloves and earrings when she’s supposed to be detransformed. But switching out the whole outfit isn’t worth the hassle, not when her leveling-up arc isn’t even featured in this particular script.

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