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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 22/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 22/44 published on 10 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 22/44

Bram: Quite the INFESTATION you have.

Plumber: It got bigger.

Bram: It appears to be the effect of a TYPICAL, if OVERACTIVE, growth potion. I will neutralize it and burn out the vines. You should perhaps stay BACK THERE.

Plumber: ‘Kay.

Bram (runes): Goodness Gracious . . . Great balls of fire

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…It’s fireproof isn’t it.

Dramatically speaking, it’s gotta be proof against the fire in SOME manner, otherwise this bit of story isn’t noteworthy, other than bringing Magic Man Bramble back.

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