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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 23/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 23/44 published on 10 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 23/44

Plumber (thinking): Wow . . . hot.

Bram (runes): And stay down

Bram: The smoke will be HAZARDOUS TO HUMAN HEALTH for some time. This washroom should remain labeled OUT OF ORDER while I monitor its dispersal.

Plumber: No problem, sir! This was great, thank you!

Bram: HOLD THAT THOUGHT. I fear this may not be a TYPICAL POTION after all.


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Of course it’s not a typical potion, this is from the same place that made Thorn into a half-octopus thing.

Not necessarily. There is not proof that this plant thing and the octopus leg spell came from the same place. I think it would be more likely it came from another supplier, since the last one might have been seen as unreliable since the package didn’t get to its intended recipient.

Only one gave the person hit by it multiple legs, and now we have this potion that induces enhanced growth. With Katya’s clue in to Leif and now the confirmation that the attaché is smuggling, it’s a safe presumption that he’s doing this for Iona whether she wants it or not.

Law of the Conservation of Detail; while in real life it makes sense to say there’s no sense in assuming that they’re from the same place, in a story it’s better to not have two organizations that have a similar modus operandi so that the audience doesn’t mix them up.

My reasons for saying that it’s the same group: Both instances used the same (or a similar) delivery man, both instances feature a concoction of some sort that does something incredibly unusual, and the first instance was brought up to… aahh, if memory serves, it was the Woman in Black talking to the President? Either way, they now know about that event and thus may be on the lookout for future ones, what with the WIB’s apparent “interest” in Leif and Thorn (see: summerfest), giving a reason about why WIB and D are on the scene.

I didn’t include links because do you know how hard it is to archive crawl on mobile to get links??? Maybe I can go grab some when I get to a computer.

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