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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 24/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 24/44 published on 9 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 24/44

Back in the unwitting theater.

Ragnild (whispering): Isn’t there supposed to be a pretty boy in this? Where is he?

Iona (whispering): There are lots of other pretty people in it . . .

Ragnild: Well, they’re all old.

Iona: He’s on in a couple more scenes. First there’s the part where they invent democracy.

Ragnild: But we invented democracy!

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They have any kind of voting rights in the frozen wastes?

Of course they do! Unless you disagree openly with the government, are an indentured servant, committed a felony, are there on a visa, or are part of a minority group the government just doesn’t like.

Kids always learn the sugar-coated version. FIRST we “invented democracy,” then we actually do the things to let it BE a democracy.

I kinda like Ragnild, actually. She’s so annoying with her attitude towards working class and such–but she’s a great way to see how the indoctrination process works. Though I have to disagree with her on the pretty people, since Leachtric/L&T Lynwood is quite pretty.

Now now, Sønheim is a capitalist democracy. One that allows what amounts to “ … modern-day slavery, and their presidential elections are a joke, everyone knows they’ve been effectively ruled by the Beringar dynasty since 572 —

*coughcoughcough* Real life corporations growing fat on the backs of retail employees who exist in a perpetual state of understaffed and trained just-barely-enough, constantly apologising for the corporation’s choice to save money over give good customer service. Whoops, I meant “Sorry for the wait! did you find everything alright?”. They work exactly forty hours a week before shuffled out by management so the company doesn’t have to pay overtime. Then when they come into work, they get chewed out for not finishing every task before leaving.

… Let’s change topic.

Now, now, Ragnhild. both Sønheim and Ceannis can invent democracy. You’re still at war at this point in time.

The democracy was invented in Athens around 5th century BC. At that point, both slaves and women were excluded from political participation. I don’t see any problem.

Upon further research, I’m guessing Ceannis is going to invent a seperate form of democracy. I don’t have a good grip on what Ceannis would be, but I’m guessing Sønheim is a Federal Republic like the US. We know that at least one region in Sønheim of the current era has likely been some form of Democracy since 400 BLMT(Before Leif met Thorn.) as Lady Stanzcia was seated in the House of the Moon then. I’m still not sure if Stanzcia and Imri are Sønska by birth, or if they were Månborgian/Skagendalish and were annexed into Sønska royalty, and the House of the Moon was borrowed when the annexation occurred.

I generally find the “we invented democracy” line to be hilarious in the real world, because the vast majority of people I’ve heard use it don’t even consider themselves part of a group that dates to BC times. As an American, the largest group of people I’ve heard use it that actually belong to the right group of people were not thinking of that group when they said it, as judged by other words they said around that time. In at least one instance, because said person was arguing against the land of their ancestory’s proper claim on the deed.

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