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The Show Must Grow On: Act I 28/44

The Show Must Grow On: Act I 28/44 published on 8 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Act I 28/44

Leachtric: Captain Artemisia, sir.

Artemisia: No need for that, Leachtric. We’re the same rank now, remember?

. . . on paper, anyway. Do your friends know about your . . . ?

Leachtric: No! And keep your voice down!

Artemisia: This will be a joint operation. My all-heartsword-enabled team from Chalice, your . . . multi-talented team from Compass. And a coordinator from neither. Plus the usual mass of translators, doctors, and refugees.

Kale (thinking): I hope this part isn’t too long. Or at least, that I get more of these fun distracting hallucinations to break it up.

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Okay, so they have a combat team (Chalice), a scout team (Compass), but loads of noncombat personnel and refugees.

1: Natural disaster, the issue is an evacuation that at this point is incredibly slipshod underfunded.

2: Border raid, an enemy nation has struck at an unprotected region and this force is being scrambled to both evacuate the civilians and try to hold off the attack from plunging further into Ceannic territory.

3: Coordinators are interesting to mention. It’s safe to say then that before Leachtric’s governmental reforms the various orders had rivalries that required specialized personnel to mediate on and off the field over? It also seems to imply a lack of a single unified command structure, but this also gives the impression that this lack of effective inter-order operations and communications is part of why Ceannis is in such a state right now.

My money is on Border Skirmish. Translators wouldn’t be needed if the refugees all spoke Ceannic.

As for coordinators, I can see such a measure being put into place as a de facto limiting measure to keep rivalries from forming. (“Fear not! Your orders are coming from someone on the field from a corps that exists to fully utilize the (known) extent of your abilities!”) A good idea, perhaps… but an Order that exists solely to coordinate between two or more other orders? I can see that sort of… Extravagance coming from a king who we KNOW is going to be outed in a populist uprising.

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