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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 3/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 3/55 published on 7 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 3/55

Elisa: Leif! Take a break, okay?

I’ll finish up here.

Leif: Sure . . .

Elisa (signing): Go check the news.

Leif (signing): Whumph um gwumpf hmm? Hwuf umph —

Leif: Sorry, let me try that without the gloves . . .

Elisa (signing): Just go.

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The signing with gloves! Omg

Real question though for any speakers of signed languages: how much would gardening gloves, or other types of gloves, “muffle” communication? Is it like talking with your mouth full, where if you know the speaker well you can kind of piece it together? Or is a glove that bulky totally in the way of everything?

While I don’t speak sign, I know some people who do, and based on what I’ve seen it just depends what you’re saying. Certain signs are similar, where it’s the same movement but with a different amount of fingers raised or lowered, but others have very specific movements behind them so it’s hard to confuse them for other things. (The sign for … I think it was either ‘I want to eat’ or ‘more’, or some combination thereof, involves moving your hands from your mouth to chest level once or twice, as an example.) At the very least, Soenheim Sign seems to rely on a lot of subtle finger movements, because as far as we’ve seen they don’t often remove their hands from about chest level while signing, so mitten-like gloves would probably conceal a lot of those changes.

I figure the Embassy servants deliberately keep their signing movements as restricted as possible. With someone who wasn’t trying to be unobtrusive, you’d see broader gestures.

(…also, since I can’t fit every hand motion into the art, I tend to favor the ones that are easier on the composition.)

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