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The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 5/55

The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 5/55 published on 17 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Act II) 5/55

Thorn: One cannot simply walk down the corridor.

Iona: Can we get out over the balcony?

Thorn: Let me look.

Too high to jump . . . nothing to climb. We have to wait for the people to come with . . . Like tall stairs?

Kale (thinking): . . . is that seriously Thorn.

Iona: Ladders? I thought we could just ride my chair down.

Sven: Honey, it’s really not designed for —

Iona: Obviously we’d go one at a time!

Del: Time to make some diced vegetables.

Woman in Black: You have fun with that! This is my cue to go do my thing.

Bram: Rrrrgh . . . !


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Thorn there is a time and place for memes, and that time is not now

Actually, what do memes in the Leif and Thorn universe look like?

…I’m so glad I have an excuse to post this now.

then perish

I’m guessing Iona’s chair can only lift someone her size safely. Any adults would simply fall like they jumped off the balcony unaided.

Looking at the distance though, and the relative weight we’ll be dealing with, it won’t be so bad for Thorn as long as he breaks properly when he lands. The bigger problem is whether that chair can hover back up to bring everyone else down and who goes last.

I’d bet if Iona had ANY input, she subtly pushed for a model with better weight capacity and better RANGE on the hovering after the incident in Vampire Masquerade.

As for flying back up, I think Iona will have to go last. Were it me, I’d have programed the spelltech with a larger Home In On User radius than User Can Send Chair This Far radius. Also, from a narrative perspective, this allows Iona another chance to be a Mature, Capable Young Lady.

“Pushed”, yes. Obviously, better weight capacity is possible, but better RANGE might be impossible or not available in this segment of devices. There COULD be some model with better balance / recovery, though – last time she was still IN the chair until it got close enough for the hovering to kick in, THEN she fell out while it was turning upside up.

Hmmm, why am I suspecting this is another illicit attempt to. Solve Iona’s leg problem?

I’m not sure how could aggressive plant like this help, but frankly I wouldn’t be too surprised.

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