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The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 1/12

The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 1/12 published on 5 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 1/12

It’s the final branch of this storyline…and the FINAL WEEK of the Volume 1 Kickstarter. You only have 7 more days to back the campaign, so get those preorders in!

Sønheim Embassy, late afternoon.

Leif (thinking): Enough with the updates about this “Cedar” kid! Give me some news on Thorn! All I care about is Thorn!

Intercom: Leif to the East Wing hall immediately, Leif to the East Wing hall.

Meanwhile . . .

Sigrún: The servant should get his instructions from my least intimidating officer —

Geirölul: Yes, sir.

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Nervous about what the instructions are if the qualification to give them is to be the least intimidating in the room. Hopefully it’s just picking the girls up from the gate.

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