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The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 2/12

The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 2/12 published on 6 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 2/12

Leif: What are we —

Geirölul: Shhh!

Sigrún: — left a diplomatic official in your care, and you let him get arrested

Thorn: Not arrested. He’s a witness.

Sigrún: — let him get taken on a transparent pretext —

Thorn: Not a pretext!

I didn’t turn the Minister in, but, Captain, I could have. If you’re afraid he’s being held unfairly, you can keep me on Embassy grounds until it’s resolved.

Leif: Are you keeping him?

Geirölul: No! At least, I don’t think so. Although it would make the interrogation a lot easier . . .

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