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The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 3/12

The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 3/12 published on 4 Comments on The Show Must Grow On (Coda) 3/12

Volume 1 Kickstarter reward spotlight: Vampire Royalty!

If you spring for this one, you get a cameo as a recurring character. Nationality and species of your choice, culturally-appropriate name, your profile appearing in the wiki…the works.

That’s right, we have found the price of (part of) my artistic integrity, and it’s $499 USD. Minus processing fees.

Plus you get a custom original art commission, with the original lineart mailed to your door. (Gate, cave, whatever.) Along with the signed/sketched book, and all the rest of the swag. And did I mention free shipping? There’s free shipping! To everywhere!

This is the most elite tier, with only 4 left. If you want to singlehandedly put the campaign over its next milestone, grab one now:

Sigrún: I won’t make you stay, but I will escort you off the grounds.

Leif: Thorn!

Thorn: Leif!

Leif: The opera was on the news! Are you okay?

Thorn: I am now. I’m sorry, I can’t stay . . .

Leif: Take me with you!

Thorn: Um . . . when you say that . . .

Leif: I mean rent me for the evening and then take me out to dinner.

Thorn: Oh! That, I can do.

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