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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 12/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 12/21 published on 38 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 12/21

@r.sorbier72: Video chat is ok if you don’t mind that I look like a wreck.
@SnowJar: Well, I never won any beauty contests myself 🙂
@SnowJar: Just be discreet if you recognize me?
@r.sorbier72: I promise I won’t tell your bosses if you don’t tell mine.

– video call requested –

– Connecting . . . –

Archie: . . . Hi.

Rowan: Hey. Should I keep calling you SnowJar, or do you want to ditch the handles?

Archie: You don’t recognize me at all, huh? Um, you can call me Archie.

Rowan: And I’m Rowan. Pleasure to meet you.

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Huh, it’s the critic. Okay

Wow, he looks familiar… what comes up for his name in the tags…?

And now there’s bourbon all over my monitor.


This guy has much greater intestinal fortitude than I do. As a writer, I would not be emotionally capable of interacting with the “everything wrong with my work” crowd.

It depends. It’s also possible that Mr. Stavros has been tasked with writing a show he is fully aware he doesn’t have the technical knowledge needed to actually do the job the way he wants to.

This is different from the Network requiring him to depart from accuracy in that he is then not interested in talking with Rowan regarding commiserating the Network’s stupidisms. Instead, Rowan becomes a possible source of expertise he desperately craves.

If it is this case, given that they are only really meeting now, they’re at a stage where Archarus is feeling Rowan out to see if he’s worth hiring, or just somebody else who complains about the show’s accuracy without having the necessary background to really know for certain how inaccurate the show is. And he’s just ticked the box that says, “Does not research what he critiques’. That’s not necessarily a show stopper. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of technical advisors for shows being hired when they had criticized the show without knowing the people who made it. But it probably makes it difficult to get the job on the basis of Roawn being a thorough researcher. Rather, he’d need to demonstrate some reason for knowing the subject quite well – such as actually doing magic crime investigations on a prior assignment. If his source for information is “my coworker’s partner does magic crime investigations”, then this would most likely first result in a job offer for the coworker’s partner. Failing that, the coworker. And only Rowan as a last resort. (Well, at least ‘last resort’ for this particular lead. There’s undoubtedly innumerable other experts out there that Mr. Stavros could hire.)

Hahahaha not quite what we were expecting!
Cute deer as Rowan’s icon!

What’s the betting these two have hooked up/will hook up at some point?

What is MCLIS?

Found it! Didn’t Rowan think the show’s realism was bad or something negative?

Well, his blog’s name is “Everything That’s Wrong With Magical Crime Law Investigation Squad”.
So I think, he’s quite a fan and watches every episode.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a fan, after all, there are very popular “What’s wrong with Twilight/Let’s Read Twilight (and make fun of it)” blogs that actually point out what’s wrong with the material they are critizing. Everything that’s wrong with X doesn’t necessarily sound like something the person must love, or it can be love/hate relationship like Rowan seems to have.

I agree with Mara btw, you gotta talk about the positive stuff too! 🙂 And not just nitpick on the stuff you dislike.

I don’t remember this character, but I remember voting on their hair color….(I’m referring to Archie as “they” until their gender is confirmed)

*reads comment section for when Archie’s shown up before*

Oh, they’re the head writer for the show Rowan eviscerates every week! But if they read the blog, maybe they’re okay with constructive criticism and know how to take Rowan’s bluntness in stride. They also seem to be kind and sympathetic, and, in Rowan’s own words, “one of the good ones who makes smart comments”.

I smell a ship.

So… Rowan’s a Sherlock fan that doesn’t recognise Moffat? (or maybe a Doctor Who fan? I’m not sure which is the more appropriate comparison)

In his defense, just enjoying a show (or criticizing it) (or watching the show so you can do a Cinema Sins esque “everything wrong with (blank)” blog) can be done without extensive research into the author or writer or something. Or to use us as an example- we read this comic, and know the author’s name, but we have no idea what she looks like, aside from being “a woman named Erin” and some features on her avatar when she shows in ooc posts. Rowan might know an “Archie” writes the series, but he doesn’t make the connection between “Archie Stavros” and “Snowjat Archie” because he’s, yknow, too busy with knighthood stuff to do any further research.

More like an NCIS fan who doesn’t recognize Gary Glasberg, I think.

(…and I just looked the guy up, and he looks eerily like Archie. Even wearing the same glasses. I didn’t plan that, I swear.)

Given I’ve seen one or two episodes of NCIS, every episode of Moffat’s Sherlock, and all of the new Doctor Who episodes, you can probably guess why I went with my examples…

Sure, but what I’m getting at is that I feel like some creators (including Moffat) are better-known among their fandoms, whether they’re more notorious or just put themselves in the public eye more. Whereas others tend to be under-the-radar. I couldn’t even have told you the NCIS guy’s name without looking it up.

Is that a “most annoying writer” mug on Archie’s desk?

I’m also wondering if Archie’s reaction is a “I’m kind of disappointed that this Devoted But Fully Willing To Be Critical Fan doesn’t recognize me,” “I’m surprised that this Devoted But Fully Willing To Be Critical Fan doesn’t recognize me,” “OH THANK THE STARS this Devoted But Fully Willing To Be Critical Fan doesn’t recognize me,” or some combination thereof.

(And also can’t remember what the ‘oh thank god’ equivalent is in L&T, but that’s another story.)

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