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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 13/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 13/21 published on 7 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 13/21

Archie: So, Rowan . . . do you want to talk about MCLIS, or something else? I promise not to spoil today’s episode either way.

Rowan: Ugh . . . that.

Judging by the summary, it’s one of those ripped-from-the-headlines plots. If I hadn’t promised to review every episode, I wouldn’t even watch those.

Archie: Well, you know . . . sometimes writers have a deadline and need a plot in a hurry . . .

Rowan: That’s no excuse!

Archie: Okay, let’s talk about something else.

You don’t write a lot about the “Rose’s long-lost mother” mystery . . . do you hate that too?

Rowan: No, no, that part’s great! I’m not putting it on the net until we have more data, but do you want to hear my top six favorite theories . . . ?

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‘Deadlines’ isn’t much of an excuse, because you should always have a list of things you can make an episode on for if you have no idea. I imagine that’s Rowan’s reasoning, anyway, and I’m inclined to agree – but I don’t know much about the creative process behind tv shows and so I can only base my arguments on my own creative accomplishments.

Ok, so I’ve checked the box next to ‘reluctant hack who’s well aware of it’ on my mental personality profile for Archie. That said, it’s also possible that they started the show with a number of well-developed ideas, and people with the technical expertise needed to depict them properly, and it ran through those ideas, and the expectation of coming up with more material did not pan out. Given the nature of the show, it’s also possible that more material came, but it turns out they didn’t properly track how long they spent developing the show before the series went live, and they don’t have enough time to develop every episode the way they want. But given Archie’s attitude, I’m thinking if this is the case for the show, the real thing they didn’t properly understand was how long it would take to find experts for the various fields that they needed. And Rowan’s quick highly accurate, scathing reviews suggest that he has a broad range of technical expertise that they desperately crave.

It also sounds like Rowan was one of those “show’s number 1 fan… until the first episode aired” sorts of people. He also feels honor-bound to do what he committed to do. So he promised to review every episode before he realized that he wouldn’t like most of them. It would also be plausible that the show had a number of good seasons and then ran out of developed plot.

I’m also expecting Archie’s mental response to Rowan’s last question is something along the lines of, “Absolutely. Just let me get this pen that I happen to already have in my hand… Now if only I could find this pad of paper I set before me before I gave him my number… Hopefully, one of these will be good enough we can actually develop this plot some more without ruining its potential.”

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