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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 19/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 19/21 published on 12 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 19/21

Rowan: Hey, ah . . . it feels like about time to take some more pain meds and pass out for a while. But this has been really nice. Will you have any more free time tomorrow?

Archie: I’ll make time! There’s a lot of editing to do over here, but I can get a head start on that right now.

Rowan: Ahh, work. Good luck!

[Call disconnected ]

Rowan: Hey out there! Anyone —

Rosie/Rhodey: Yes!!

Rowan: Okay, one, I need a bathroom ride, and two, stop listening at my door.

Rosie: We’re just being attentive caregivers!

Rhodey: Besides, these walls are thick. We couldn’t make out much.

Rosie: Except the laughing.

Rhodey: Lots of laughing.

Rowan: Yeah, I was telling Archie about you.

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So…has anyone else noticed that Archarius (Archie’s full first name) is a Genus containing Weevils?
*Innuendo about some Weevils being tree borers goes here.*

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