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The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 21/21

The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 21/21 published on 7 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Intermission 21/21

I redid the character page again, so now it has a whole grid of image links to everyone’s wiki profiles.

Of course this means from now on I have to introduce new characters in thematic blocks of four. It’s the only way to keep up the aesthetic.

Rowan: Network . . . Sure hope I don’t regret this . . . Get me the Crystalpedia article on Archarius Stavros.

Archie (thinking): Draft saved . . . aaaand send.

[1 new message]

That better not be my editor.

@r.sorbier72: You could’ve told me who you were, instead of waiting for me to notice your face on on GemmyImages.

@SnowJar is typing . . .
@SnowJar has entered text
@SnowJar is typing . . .
@SnowJar has entered text
@SnowJar is typing . . .

@r.sorbier72: ftr I’m not mad, I’m not going to blog about it, and I really hope this doesn’t change your mind about wanting to call tomorrow. I’m just saying.

@SnowJar: Oh!
@SnowJar: In that case, that’s good, it doesn’t, and I do.

Intermission – End

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2 things. Well done Rowan for not getting angry about Archie’s omitting of truths, and DAMN Rowan’s back!

Oh man, that “is typing…” into infinity thing drives me up a wall, especially when it turns out to be a phantom and the person was just away from their phone and I only *thought* they were typing and retyping something overwrought for ten minutes.

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