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The Show Must Grow On: Overture 3/21

The Show Must Grow On: Overture 3/21 published on 18 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Overture 3/21

Sven: And the escorts are here before the carriage! Okay, girls . . . like we practiced.

Ragnild: Hi. I’m Ragnild.

Iona: Nice to meet you. I’m Iona.

Violet: Wow, your Ceannic is very good!

Ragnild: Yeah.

Iona: Are those your fancy uniforms? Can you really fight in them?

Violet: And how!

This is the “fancy, but still practical” version. If we were only on this job for decoration, we would’ve worn the capes.

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Okay, this is getting interesting.

1: Why isn’t there going to be any Sonheimic security?

2: What kind of threats is Ceannis honestly expecting to come after a cultural attache?

3: What kind of spy does Ceannis apparently think the cultural attache is?

4: Why is Ceannis making the security so obvious? That’s just marking down for anyone going for the target who to kill first.

1: Openly Armed Foreign Agents? In the Capital? I’m sure Sønheim knows better than to suggest that.

2 and 3: I’d not be surprised to learn that the Fire Spirits made another ‘suggestion’. Holly’s dad DID suggest that “every member of the team has messy breakdowns, but it’s in Ceannis’ best interests that they have those breakdowns in that place and time.” IS a valid reason.

4: Misdirection. Two shiny, visible security to draw attention, while WiB and Monster Hunter D grumble along, doing the job to the best of their ability out of pure pride.

1: Secret Service do it all the time, as do all foreign governments for vital dignitaries and staff. As long as you ensure that the host government knows what you’re doing and that your agents are clearly limited in their jurisdiction then you can allow it.

2/3: No, not in the least. In fact the fire spirits are only putting more people in danger by stating that Thorn and his team should be placed in charge of the embassy detail if the team has had so many messy breakdowns. Honestly if the team has had so many breakdowns of such calibers then the Doylist logic better pan out in the long run for why they’re charged with such a sensitive detail.

4: Fair, but we’ll have to wait until the end of the arc to see if this pans out.

We know that Something Big is coming, and The Fire Spirits claim that the best possible outcome requires Thorn and His Team as the Ceannic portion of security for the Sønheic Embassy in Central. This HAS to be bigger than just Thorn’s team. the fire spirits don’t give out these predictions willy-nilly. Tiny pebbles dislodge larger stones, until the Avalanche of History falls in a way that benefits Ceannis more than it costs them…. And I have a feeling one of those larger stones starts rolling very soon from Present!Thorn’s subjective temporal viewpoint.

Based on what we were shown, the cultural attache IS a spy and the relationship between those governments are not good enough to allow Openly Armed Foreign Agents in the Capital.

And yes: Main job of these two is showing visible security. And hopefully make the attacker reveal themself while they will be disabling them.

-Insert Edna Mode’s Cape Rant here-

Note that if you look at the rant, you will realize that capes are only problem if they are too sturdy. If you design them to tear off easily, they are no risk and can still have aesthetic value. (Of course, most heroes will need several every day, but that may not be problem).

Dang, Iona looks *really* Pretty in the third panel. I tend to clock her more as Cute. Visible aging maybe?

I hope so! They’re supposed to be just entering the “old enough to have crushes and start picking up teenager-y interests” stage.

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