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The Show Must Grow On: Overture 6/21

The Show Must Grow On: Overture 6/21 published on 12 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Overture 6/21

Royal Ceannic Opera
(as Thorn and Violet see it)
Emergency exit
High ground
Moving suspiciously
Long coat
Bulky costume
Concealing pillars

(as Iona, Ragnild, and Sven see it)

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…I feel like Sven is insufficiently paranoid for a diplomat.

I would tend to agree… I’ve always been just a little curious… I don’t think we’ve really seen him do anything but PR, e.g. we know his division put together the contest that Agent D subverted… for… her… mission…

Hmm… Food for thought, eh?

Other Notes:
Hmm… That woman in the long coat looks familiar, but I can’t quite place her face…

Hi Briony, Strawberry, Pine and Morinda! Don’t see you four here often.

PLEASE tell me that’s not the same schmuck who tried to smuggle Magical Contraband into the embassy, just someone who rented the same costume and is REALLY in character.

I’m pretty sure that’s Morinda(alt-Mandy) and Pine(Alt-Poe) chatting with Briony(Alt-Bee) and Strawberry (Alt Sparrow) there.

Admittedly, I could be wrong. Pine’s most visible trait(he’s the one imediately right of panel from Annie) can’t be seen from this angle, so I’m mostly basing this on a bald head with a dark skintone standing next to a person facing AWAY from camera with dark hair… but given that Briony seems to ALWAYS use that hairstyle in her cameos, and that is a Sparrow-haircut for sure… I’m relatively confident that’s the four of them…

That said, only Briony is tagged, so I could be wrong about the figures I think are Pine and Morinda. Still pretty sure that’s Strawberry next to Briony, though.

Is the layout based on the lobby of the Civic Opera House? Because it looks soooo similar, down to the location of the emergency exits.

Also, I love the poster for the Ceannic version of Cats.

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