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The Show Must Grow On: Overture 8/21

The Show Must Grow On: Overture 8/21 published on 4 Comments on The Show Must Grow On: Overture 8/21

Del: Now that I think about it . . . I am aware that you’re a colleague, but I can’t be sure if we’re here on the same mission.

WiB: The smuggling mission, or the “getting comped tickets to Leachtric” mission?

Del: Hmph.

WiB: I do have the special priorities that I told you about before, and I don’t feel like explaining all over again. Other than that — I’m supposed to help with the smuggling part, yes.

Del: You’ve used your powers to sneak in and see Leachtric for free already, haven’t you.

WiB: Mmmmaybe.

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At least WiB is honest.

So… Since they’re at least nominally aligned with the local government, are they catching things being smuggled in, or out of the country?

Given that these guys are black ops and this kind of operation normally involves powerful players, we can be safe in presuming one of two options:

1: It’s national, involves very powerful people, and cannot be brought to the public spotlight for fear of undercutting the national government.

2: It’s international, and involves a very sensitive diplomatic matter that cannot go through the normal channels of state for fear of destroying relations with another nation.

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