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The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #1

The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #1 published on 13 Comments on The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #1

All right, who’s ready for follow-up on this storyline from last July? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

(Poor Rowan — at this rate it’s gonna take a solid year for these wings to grow in.)

In media res . . .

Archie: . . . went through three editors, okay . . . and none of them noticed that we gave Lt. Badiane two birthdays in the same year!

Rowan: That’s why you’ve gotta hire your own superfans! That’s not a hint — I already have a job — I’m just saying.

Archie: Hey, Rowan . . . I know how you feel about the idea of someone basing a script on your, ah, personal trauma. I even feel awkward writing things that remind me of you.

Rowan: Not on purpose, though, right?

Archie: No! Just because I’ve done the research on how it realistically affects people. And you’re a real person.

Rowan: Aw, thanks.

Archie: What I wanted to ask is . . .

How would you feel if — and this is just an idea — if I wrote a script where you were the inspiration for the victim-of-the-week’s supportive partner?

Not much later . . .

Violet: Hey, MCLIS is almost on. Want me to float you out here to watch it in the living room?

Rowan: Will you mix me some extra painkillers first?

Violet: You know it.

Rowan: Hey, Violet . . .

Violet: Hm?

Rowan: You know the guy I’ve been FacetTiming with while these wings grow in?

Violet: Yeah?

Rowan: Well . . . I got permission to tell you this, but only because I promised you’d keep it under wraps . . .

He’s Archie Stavros. And I think we’re kinda friends.

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“Would you like to be the inspiration for a character I’m writing” is one of the best compliments a writer can give

I don’t know.

I think if Archie had wanted to use Rowan’s trauma to tell a story based on him as a victim that would have been a completely different request and not a compliment at all. I love how Archie does acknowledge Rowan’s concerns regarding this and emphasises that they are valid.

AND supportive partner, that’s definitely such a great compliment and so sweet, and also a huge compliment for how Archie sees Rowan.

UGH! Isn’t there a point where you can surgically open up the skin once the wings get to a certain point?!

The wings look like they’ve mostly come out, though. It’s just that they’re mostly muscle and new skin, they don’t have many feathers yet. Surgically opening up the skin won’t make it grow any faster. And it hasn’t actually been that long, it just feels like it since we’re in webcomic time, not real time.

On the other hand, Rowan’s been bedridden long enough to:
1: LITERALLY grow two new limbs sans feathers.
2:develop a friendship with Archie.
3:Archie writes an episode about a victim and their Supportive Partner.
4: presumably, the reason Rowan is bringing it up NOW with Violet is Archie warned him ‘Supportive Partner’ would be in this episode, so in this comic we have a time-skip equal to however long writing, casting, and filming the episode would take.

On this evidence (and one assumption), I’m guessing Rowan’s been down for at least a month, possibly a month and a half at this point. From the looks of it, the wing’s skeletal structure is full-grown. Just cutting them free might mess with development, as I’m guessing muscle fibers are being torn and re-anchored as the wingbones pass through the muscle.

I can confirm there’s not a timeskip — Rowan is bringing it up now with Violet because he just got permission to. The prospective episode-inspired-by-him is still a long way off. He’s just approaching the end of the typical 2-week growth period.

(Keep in mind that Rowan and Archie had already been online acquaintances for a while. So this past week-ish has been a friendship upgrade, not a new friendship developed from scratch.)

2 weeks feels incredibly fast for the development of entirely new limbs on a creature as structurally complex as a human.

But in terms of narrative time it’s reasonable to make it feel ‘long’ without requiring the author to make too many sacrifices to pacing for it.

Personally, I feel like the proper approach to dealing with letting the twins know about Rowan’s friend being Archie STAVROS would be the continued disbelief route:

Tell them nothing until the episode actually comes out. And then assert, “Holy shit, Archie must have really had some connection or other! This is what we talked about having on the show!”

Admittedly, this comes from having experience with what family members will and won’t leak. Which, of course, Rowan has had absolutely *none* of because he hasn’t known the twins long enough for tales of how they’ve let him down to be an epic thread in the webcomic. Oh, wait, sorry, I got confused. WTF is Rowan thinking? lol

Just because it’s possible to do C-section doesn’t mean it’s good idea. I would imagine the same is true here – if it’s get really bad, it can be helped with surgery, but it is generally more risky than natural way except very rare cases.

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