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The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #3

The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #3 published on 11 Comments on The Unlikely Friendship of Rowan Muscade #3

Website updates! Fancy new heading/navigation font, to complement the paragraph text. Fonts in some of the graphics have been tweaked too, so they actually match.

Also: I gave up being all fancy with the social-media links, and just plunked a bunch of icons in the left sidebar. The row above each strip is now reserved for “links that can directly pay the artist’s bills.” (And BICP!)

Anything on the site that’s confusing, or that you’re having trouble finding? Comment and let me know.

Rowan: Can you tell what color the feathers are yet? Plain white, or something fancy? I’m not so tender that this is screamingly painful, but . . .

Violet: Looks like white . . . but they’re really too bedraggled to be sure. Good news is, you’re almost clean!

Don’t move your arms, just wiggle the wings.

Rowan: Hey, I can! They’re stiff, but they’re working.

Violet: I swear, relatively speaking, that was “almost clean.”

Rowan: Maybe we’ll just throw this towel out.

Evening chat time.

Archie: So we’re a teensy bit over budget, and the network wants us to fix it with a bottle episode.

It’s a procedural! How are the detectives supposed to investigate a crime if they can’t leave the office??

Rowan: Hey, Archie . . . Don’t you notice anything different about me?

Archie: Hang on. You’re sitting up!

Rowan: I know, right?

Archie: And you’re fully clothed!

Rowan: Sorry to disappoint~

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There are a lot of ways to investigate a crime without leaving the office, actually. You could make some interesting stories with the characters trapped in the office, so long as it doesn’t happen too often.

I think one way to do it is to have them investigating biological agents, and so they have to stay far, far away from the investigation?

Considering those links are bringing you money, they might be little bigger and with “t”‘s not having few pixels cut off …

Rowan may seem fully clothed, but I would guess the hole on his back is bigger than necessary, making the clothes loose.

Which letters are cut off? They’re all fine in the original images…

I want these links to be convenient at the top of the page, but I don’t want them to be huge and obnoxious and distract people from the strips. (The same content is all linked from the Shop/Support page, and from other parts of the site, so they’re not the only option.)

I can sort of see what hkmaly means?
I normally view the site at 200%. When I dial it back to 100%, the bottom of the ‘t’ in “get some books” and “other merch” is thin enough in the middle that the bulb at the rightmost end seems separated. I can see the connecting line all the way through in But I’m A Cat Person, though.

The bottom loops on the “Ts” are cut off a little, at least in Chrome, so it looks like the “T” is less fancy and is immediately followed by a period. It’s nothing glaringly bad that needs to be fixed asap, though if you did want to fix it, allowing a few more pixels on the bottom wouldn’t make the links obnoxious. 🙂

They’re not cut off — if you look at the letters with descending tails, like P or F, you can see they already go a few pixels lower! Seems like the loop on the T just gets so thin it’s almost invisible at this size.

Good news is, they’re not saved as vector files, so I can just go in and manually edit them darker. (Should show up next time the cache clears.)

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