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Thorn Explains: Marriage and Reincarnation

Thorn Explains: Marriage and Reincarnation published on 14 Comments on Thorn Explains: Marriage and Reincarnation

Leif: Hey, is it normal in Ceannis to be expected to date your past life’s girlfriend? Or is that just for Rózsa?

Thorn: It’s just Rhódon. The rest of us don’t grow up reading epic poems about how Deep and True our love was.

Even when people get married, “until death do us part” is in most countries’ vows — and for good reason.

There’s no guarantee your reincarnations will overlap at all . . . and most of the time there’s no way to confirm who they used to be.

The major exception is Getsun! Since they have plural marriage anyway . . . Now that I think about it, maybe this is why. Past-life marriages don’t conflict with current ones, so they’re all still considered valid. Even when you have no way to know what they are.

Leif: Um . . . What’s the marriage rate for people in this country, and how long have they had those laws?

Rowan: I’ll save you some math. Statistically, 90% of Getsunese citizens are most likely unverifiably past-life married to each other.

Thorn: So I take it things are different in Sønheim?

Leif: Yes, very. Lots of people are skeptical about whether everyone reincarnates at all. And I don’t think vampires like long-runners.

So we don’t have a lot of specific long-runner laws. Just “vampire laws that also apply.” Like, vampire finance laws keep you from stockpiling cash — or debt — over multiple incarnations. I don’t know if we have past-life marriage laws.

The only thing that definitely stays with you is prison time. When we give a sentence like “twelve consecutive life sentences” . . . we mean it.

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So, they only save sentences like that for the really bad assholes right? I mean they don’t have the same idea on prison the US does…right?

I was unaware you could get multiple life sentences for anything less than murdering several people, but I am willing to admit I don’t keep up with such things.

At the very least, we know Death would free Leif of his Debt. That’s something, right?

On a separate note: Rowan’s wings!

…aaand stopping the clock on the inevitable lesbian L&T. (Who may have never met… and who may both be dating men, maybe even several men each for all we know… or maybe only she!Leif is with a man, while she!Thorn keeps a lesbian harem and regales them with the forbidden love of her past self and the cute gardener boy… and I’ll be here humming Ben Folds…)

So … how people in Getsun look at premarital sex and how many teenagers are using statistics like this to argue their sex was not premarital?

Previous marriages likely only apply if you’re a for-sure incarnation. That means they BOTH have to be long-runners, or have drawn the same Heartsword, or some combination.

Also, I’m sure they have to be doubly careful about “oh, you see I’m your SOULMATE” predators.

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