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Vampire Masquerade 24/66

Vampire Masquerade 24/66 published on 8 Comments on Vampire Masquerade 24/66

Stanczia: Miz Rødlund. It’s nice to meet an author so celebrated in her time. We’ve read the Holger Saga. The way you represented vampires was . . . appreciated.

Astrid: I’m always proud to do Sønheim’s nobility justice, my Lady Stanczia.

Stanczia: We would love to talk to you about your future. In private.

Astrid: O-of course.

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Who wants to bet they’re going to squee over her books just like everyone else has so far, and they only asked to talk in private because they don’t want to embarrass themselves?

(Imri hasn’t spoken at all, has he? Significant detail, or just coincidence?)

Uh. Oh.
I forget, are vampires “created” in this world as they are in so many others? (Not drained empty, then have to drink of vampire blood, that sort of thing)
I wonder, if this is the case, if an offer to “join us” is an ultimate expression of respect and honor a vampire can give a mortal, then? And, how they would (will) respond if turned down?
Also, can vampires subsist on blood other than human, or when they “drink out of sight” are people having to deal with the certain knowledge that somebody was drained (although maybe not drained dry) for them? Is there a system of volunteer or paid “blood donors”?
So MANY questions! ! (I love it!)

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