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Vampire Masquerade 44/66

Vampire Masquerade 44/66 published on 1 Comment on Vampire Masquerade 44/66

Sven: Ms. Rødlund? Are you back here somewhere? You’re supposed to meet a contest winner! And I know the vampires didn’t take you to dinner!

Astrid: Lovely as it is to talk with you readers, I think I was supposed to meet someone else tonight . . .

Ragnild: Maybe the someone was us!

Sven: I wonder if the culture ministers at other embassies have days like this. Not only have I lost track of my author . . .


. . . but I don’t even know where the lovely contest winner got to.

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1 Comment

Sven…how do you not know to talk to your security personnel in times like these? “I’m missing guest x” “Guest x was last reported in line at the bathrooms” “Thank you very much”

Meanwhile – Nice shot Juniper, angle the next cut a bit more and you can take off a finger!

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