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Watching Over Me 16/29

Watching Over Me 16/29 published on 9 Comments on Watching Over Me 16/29

Pascentia: It’s good to meet you, and an honor to be working with a knight of your stature!

Do you know, at first I thought I was being put on light duty because someone thought I couldn’t handle a full-time assignment on top of the heartsword ballet. Especially since I was just promoted to choreographer this year.

Before now I was just picking up my part so quickly that I was helping other dancers with posture and footwork in my free time. I hope you’ll come see us perform some time!

Thorn (thinking): Her file says she’s a rare type . . . longsword. The kind famously drawn from the hearts of total overachievers. Never could I have guessed such a thing.

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Was there a list somewhere that broke down what traits each heartsword type is associated with? I feel like we’ve gotten some descriptions piecemeal as they’ve come up, but did I miss a comprehensive breakdown?

Just realized something. Does the Ceannic military have any running cadences that would be considered “impolite”?

…. you mean, like, do they come off as rude when they go for a jog?

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