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Watching Over Me 24/29

Watching Over Me 24/29 published on 10 Comments on Watching Over Me 24/29

Katya: He seems . . .

Katya (imagined): . . . downright subversive. Did he decide to learn a few signs on his own, or did you ask him to? Did you give him the idea we might want defending that isn’t at our owners’ discretion?

Leif (imagined): Of course I didn’t ask him that! I’m a good obedient pet who would never subvert the wishes of the Embassy. I’ll go and tell him to knock it off right away!

Katya: . . . pleasant.

Leif: Isn’t he? ♥

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I’m not sure which of these three I want to smack more right now.

I vote none. Katya is being prudently cautious, Leif is getting to feel uncomplicated happiness for once in his life, and who’s the third person, Thorn? I don’t even know what you’d be mad at him for.

The only ‘hit’ I can think of that Thorn ‘has coming’ is one that knocks him over and thus, through a series of unlikely events, results in the complete dismantling of the Sønska ‘Indentured’ Servitude System, somehow uncovers a passable substitute for human blood, pressuring vampires in general to switch, and un-complicating Human/vampire mariages, and foils only the most Eeeeeevillll portions of whatever Lord Imri’s plan was for the mine formerly run by Juniper Mining.

But all that is far too farcical for this august publication… Outside the first day of april, anyway. 😉

Because this all feels like a, “This all could’ve been avoided if one person said what they were really thinking” situations.

Keep in mind that the characters don’t have perfect knowledge of who can be trusted. It’s clear to the readers that, for example, Thorn isn’t just trying to gain Katya’s trust so he can catch her doing something illegal and then report her for it.. but Katya can’t be sure of that yet. She only just met the guy.

And because she knows Leif will break his own spine bending over backwards, his view of Thorn is suspect as well until proven otherwise?

I also got the impression that, because she knows Leif will break his own spine bending over backwards, she won’t ask him to… because a “subversive” person who cares about the servants and has a position of power in a whole other power structure might be a double-edged sword, but is also better than going around unarmed.

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