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Watching Over Me 28/29

Watching Over Me 28/29 published on 5 Comments on Watching Over Me 28/29

Leif: I can’t stay for long, and I know your shift is almost over . . . I just . . . really wanted to see you.

Thorn: Of course! You were working outside all the day, yes? Come up in here, where the weather is cool.

Leif: Katya says you met? And I think she likes you. That’s a big deal. She doesn’t like . . . people.

Leif (thinking): Well, not people people. But he might not like me saying that.

Thorn: Yes? I’m glad. I sent you some messages this afternoon . . .

Leif: I saw!

I’ll . . . think about it, okay?

Thorn: Yes . . . I think that I see.

I’ll get your answer later.

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